The Story


The Story

Designs by Samuraii (formerly Nestlife Collective), is a collection of functional art created by Samuraii in Whistler BC, Canada.  Samuraii, is inspired by the outdoors and loves nature.  She spends her summers camping and winters hunting for fresh powder.  All of her art is based off of original photography. 

Samuraii draws inspiration from the colour palettes and overall mood that is evoked from the photographs that she works with and takes careful consideration when averaging colours not to loose that climate from each individual work. 

She uses activewear as the mode of delivery for her artwork as it acts as an extension of her mantra of living a healthy, adventurous lifestyle in the mountains. 

From early morning yoga to the slopes to apr├ęs, hiking, biking or hitting the gym, these Yoga Leggings or Yoga Capris will keep you comfy and stylish on your next adventure.  Or as Samuraii says "They make a pretty snazzy base layer."

Please feel free to get in touch if you would like to request a custom piece.